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Our values

Nos valeurs

NeoEnergy is considering a specific and tailored approach to markets to ensure long-term partnerships.


We are a young company that continues to grow, taking prompt and strategic decisions on a booming market. We demonstrate initiative and creativity through the power of each of our strategic partners. Our enthusiasm and market knowledge will enable us to achieve our goals and to develop new energy resources.

Nos valeurs


We commit to our company development projects whilst respecting the culture of the communities where we operate. Therefore NeoEnergy undertakes to reinvest a portion of its profits in Africa for local development.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With strong activity in African countries, all projects of NeoEnergy will contribute to local development by creating new jobs and improving the quality of life for everyone. NeoEnergy is also involved in associations and direct investment in schools and hospitals.

The goal of NeoEnergy is to focus on solidarity of the communities in which it operates. Our business activities contribute substantially to social and economic long-term development of the countries in which we operate, while respecting the environment.

The responsibilities of NeoEnergy extend well beyond its core business, supporting humanitarian projects and focusing its expertise on providing vital energy solutions to communities, for example by creating off-grid systems for generating drinking water using solar energy.

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